Dr. Elvire Pons-Tostivint (right) has been awarded the Alain Depierre 2021 prize of €20,000 by the IFCT (Intergroupe Francophone de Cancérologie Thoracique), for the project: “Study of the impact of immunotherapy +/- chemotherapy on the molecular profile of non-small cell lung cancer” based on the cohort BREATHE « Biocollection for REseArch in Thoracic cancEr »

Dr Elvire Pons-Tostivint is attached to the CRCI2NA team I: Immunomodulation of the tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy of thoracic cancers, directed by Christophe Blanquart and Jean-François Fonteneau (former CRCINA Team IV: https://www.crcina.org/recherche/departement-1-incit/equipe4/).

To learn more about the Alain Depierre Award, visit the IFCT page .